PHARALL Preferred Vendors

Our Preferred Vendors Excel in Customer Satisfaction

Our CROs are handpicked reliable vendors

Our preferred vendors are handpicked experts in their respective domain. They all have one thing in common: we know these vendors for many decades, and they all are continuously monitored by us to have an excellent rating in customer satisfaction.

Advantages for CROs

Joining PHARALL has many advantages for CROs: PHARALL builds a framework of excellence and performance around clinical trial execution. Only CROs who can demonstrate that they continuously collaboration KPIs to a highest grade are eligible to be part of PHARALL.

As a result, in our outsourcing processes, preference is given to CROs that maintain continuous quality and customer satisfaction.

As a CRO who works according to high quality standards, PHARALL is the first framework that guarantees referred business based on past performance: to the benefit of Sponsors and CROs.

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