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Global One Stop Shop for Clinical Trial Services

PHARALL is the only global strategic outsourcing solution for biopharma companies that allows them to leverage the collective purchasing power of multiple organizations without changing established outsourcing processes in clinical operations. With a management of experts with two decades of experience in clinical outsourcing and vendor management, PHARALL offers a range of services, including pre-selected CROs and specialized partners, to help plan and conduct clinical trials in major indications such as but not limited to oncology, infectious diseases, dermatology, rare diseases, and all phases globally. PHARALL is your one-stop shop for all of your development programs.

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Clinical Trial Services

  • Regulatory & Clinical Trial Strategy
  • Feasibility
  • Study Design Optimization
  • Clinical Trial Budget Simulation
  • CRO Selection

Indications (Focus)

  • Oncology
  • Immunonolgy
  • Dermatolog
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Rare Diseases
  • Other indications experience
  • Vendor Governance & Vendor Management
  • Project Management, Outsourcing Staffing
  • Budget Controlling
  • Change Order Negotiations
  • Rescue Trials Strategy & Execution


  • EU (West-East)
  • US/CAN
  • South / Central Americas
  • ASIA

What is a Group Purchasing Organization?

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that helps healthcare providers [like biotech companies] … realize savings and efficiencies by aggregating purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with … vendors. … other healthcare providers use group purchasing to obtain the best products at the best value.
Healthcare Supply Chain Association

Advantages of the PHARALL Group Purchasing Alliance

PHARALL bundles the purchasing volume of its Biopharma members. With that we have a higher visibility and therefore get better discounts, service levels and attention from our vendors. Joining PHARALL, you can immediately leverage those advantages for your organization as well.

Join Alike – Be Different

  • Cost Savings: 25% on average
  • Easy & free
  • No Membership fees
  • No strings attached (no exclusivity)
  • Just sign up and save

Advantages of the PHARALL Alliance in outsourcing your clinical trials

Working with PHARALL does not change the way you deal with your CROs. But We make your collaboration with your vendors more efficient and effective.

  • More competitive terms, budgets, rates & discounts due to aggregated business volume of the global alliance
  • Better service levels and quality due to improved processes
  • Higher attention by our CROs due to recurring business across all clients within the global alliance
  • Transparent past performance of CROs by tracking of KPIs across clients helps you to understand what service quality you can expect in the future

Global One Stop Shop for Clinical Trial Services

PHARALL is the new strategic outsourcing opportunity for small- to mid-sized biopharmas without changing the well-established outsourcing process in clinical operations. Based on our 20+ years experience in clinical outsourcing and vendor management PHARALL is always the best option to get better every day in vendor management.

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Include any vendors in your RFP

What changes:

Become more efficient and effective using our best practices in CRO-Selection and budget negotiation based on our 20+ years of experience.

What stays the same:

Your RFP & CRO-Selection process stays the same. You work according to your SOPs.

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Contract Vendors according to your terms

What changes:

Become more efficient and effective by benefiting from our pre-negotiated more competitive discounts, rates and service levels.

What stays the same:

No change in the way you are collaborating with CROs: You are contracting CROs directly without PHARALL being involved.

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Manage Vendors according to your SOPs

What changes:

Become more efficient and effective through our support, expertise and best practices in vendor management based on 20+ years of experience.

What stays the same:

No change in the way you are collaborating with CROs: You are managing your CROs directly without PHARALL being involved.

Biopharma companies that trust us:


“We outsourced and completed our most important Phase 3 clinical trial with CILIQUE (now PHARALL) to a CRO who performed the project to our full satisfaction. CILIQUE helped us to reduce costs and focus the CRO on the crucial activities. We look forward to engaging PHARALL again for our upcoming projects and can recommend their experience and work product as well as immediate an professional response to any request.”
Tamar Ben-Yedidia, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer & Clinical management BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Our Client Since 2017
“When realizing how hidden some cost in CRO proposals are and how difficult or almost impossible it is to arrive at a sufficient level of transparency we sought the skills developed and applied over decades by PHARALL . That decision proved to be a very prudent one. We have decided to secure PHARALL’S expertise during the course of the study as a member. That will help us to ensure smooth processing of change order negotiations, and vendor management, proper invoicing by the CRO, and potentially solving any conflict which may arise. Based on our very positive experience we will certainly again work with PHARALL in any further clinical program.”
Joachim-Friedrich Kapp, MD, PhD., Vice President Clinical Development-Autoimmunity Aditx Therapeutics, Inc. Our New Client Since 2021
“PHARALL gave us important insight in clinical trial costing and scenario estimation. Their presentation of their analysis were clear and easy to follow.  We have now moved forward to working with the PHARALL Team in the RFP process for our upcoming clinical trial.”
Andy Hwang, VP of Clinical Operations Hookipa Pharma, USA. Our New Client Since 2021
“Within the PHARALL Alliance, we were able to successfully identify a specialized CRO to conduct our Phase 2 trial. It was pivotal for us to identify a vendor which works with us in a collaborative way on the same eye level. We were very pleased about the robust budgets we received at more competitive pricing due to the PHARALL Alliance terms.”
Juha Yrjänheikki, CEO Aurealis Therapeutics AG
“We have been working with PHARALL (formerly CILIQUE) since 2016 and they supported us with CRO selection, change order negotiation and budget controlling. PHARALL was pivotal for our most important trial to avoid CRO cost overruns and to negotiate and reduce the amount of CRO change orders. That alone saved us a 7-figure amount representing 20% of CRO fees. In addition, their efficient budget controlling successfully helped contain CRO cost increases in a mid-six-figure amount. The investment in the collaboration with PHARALL paid off immediately and could be directly measured by realized cost savings through discounts and successful negotiations.”
Gaudenz von Capeller, Chief Financial Officer Cellestia Biotech AG

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